Time Management: It’s Okay To Say No

Time Saving Techniques and How to Avoid the Biggest Time Wasters

Written By Tracy Thomas

“Concentrate all your thoughts on the great desire in your life. This concentration must be continuous, unceasing – every minute; every hour; every day; every week”.      

Charles E. Popplestone

If you are a Go-Giver like myself, eventually you will learn how to say No to people, tasks, and things that can be a hindrance to the productivity of your life success.

Below are a few techniques, I have implemented into my lifestyle, over the last few months, and have contributed to my life and businesses productivity.

  1. Conserve your time/energy-
    Stop wasting your time and energies on tasks and people that are a total waste of your precious time. Only by practicing rigorous self disciple, you can free yourself from this type of destruction. For each occurrence, let’s evaluate the scenario; is it conducive to your goals? What is the purpose? Is this something that you can benefit from in the future? Ask yourself these three questions with any task and/or conversation your involved in.

  1. Cell phone distractions
    – Although we love our Androids and Iphones, these little gadgets can be one of our biggest distractions and time wasters– HANDS DOWN! It’s okay to put your celly on silence for a fews hours out of the day, and get more pertinent tasks completed, without the distractions. I’ve even gone as far as to leaving my DRIOD (YES! proud droid owner) in another room, away from my work area. This technique will allow you to focus on your assignments at hand, and remain free from any notifications, text messaging, and unimportant phone calls.
  1. Meetings
    Many meetings are unnecessary and a major waste of time. Remember to always have an agenda, stick to the agenda, and make sure keep in consideration that everyone’s time is precious, with no room for non relevant topics of discussion. Assign someone to take notes, delegate projects as needed; to hold team member accountable, and follow-up on meeting items via various project management tools (7 Free Online Collaboration and Project Management Tools) to help communicate and complete projects in a timely manner.

    Socializing/Avoidable Chatter
    – Socializing can be a huge time waster, keeping you from getting your work done. Avoid any unnecessary socializing and conservations with people that are not relevant to your work and/or current situation at hand. I’m not saying shut everyone out. I’m only saying cut the preventable chatter with those that you know that love to chitchat, by keeping the conversation short.

    These techniques have helped me tremendously, and I am now experiencing many more productive days!

    Tracy Thomas is Owner and Director of Marketing at Stellar Marketing and Business Solutions, specializing in Marketing | Branding | Business Development | Event Promotions Reach her at or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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